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John Schaetzl

Lead Director, SustainAbility, UK
John SchaetzlJohn Schaetzl

John Schaetzl has a breadth of experience in the healthcare sector. Most recently, he was a portfolio manager at GE Asset Management, prior to which he held marketing and planning roles at Bayer’s Miles Laboratories. He was a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry at Healthcare Forecasting Inc. and Scott Levin Associates. Schaetzl has taught and held administrative positions at several universities and is a non-executive director of SustainAbility and Columbus House. He is the coauthor of Practical Politics and American Government (Macmillan, 1976) and Project 18: Effectively Influencing Political Decisions (Edinburgh, 1973). He has an MA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Harvard College.

Articles by this Author

  • A Silver Lining to the Credit Crisis
    by Peter Zollinger, John Schaetzl
    Peter Zollinger, Senior Vice-President at the environmental and social governance consultancy SustainAbility, believes the best way for companies to enhance their reputation and achieve business success is through responsibility, fairness, and integrity. Here he argues that there is a silver lining to the financial crisis, that investors will in future be more likely to align their thinking with human needs. Zollinger’s clients include Aracruz...

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