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Contributor Biographies

John Surdyk

Director, Wisconsin School of Business, USA
John SurdykJohn Surdyk

John Surdyk is director of the Initiative for Studies in Transformational Entrepreneurship at the Wisconsin School of Business in Madison, Wisconsin. He has advised companies bringing emerging technologies to market for international consultancies for 10 years. Surdyk spent more than a decade consulting with high-technology start-ups, Fortune 500 firms, and nonprofit organizations at SRI International in Menlo Park and, later, Navigant Consulting in Chicago. He has also evaluated policy initiatives at the National Center for Environmental Economics at the US Environmental Protection Agency. He now teaches on social entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Articles by this Author

  • CSR: More than PR, Pursuing Competitive Advantage in the Long Run
    by John Surdyk
    Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. Diseases wreak havoc across entire continents. An entire host of seemingly intractable issues confront governments throughout the world, which are sometimes unable to effect positive changes. With the emergence of companies as some of the most powerful institutions for innovation and social change, more shareholders, regulators, customers, and corporate partners are increasingly interested in...

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