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Contributor Biographies

Jon White

Consultant, London, UK

Jon White is a consultant specializing in the application of psychological thinking to the problems of organizational communication, working internationally for clients such as the European Commission and Shell. He is associated with Henley Business School, Cardiff University, the University of Central Lancashire, and universities in Germany and Switzerland, for teaching, research, and special projects. He has written books and articles on public affairs, public relations, and corporate communications practice, and management case studies for teaching purposes on organizations such as Dunhill, Lloyds of London, AEA Technology, Diageo, and the South African company Barloworld. He is a fellow of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Articles by this Author

  • Crisis Management and Strategies for Dealing with Crisis
    by Jon White
    The term “crisis” is much used in the media coverage of events, in public discussion, and by organization leaders describing the situations that they face and try to manage. The consequences of failure to manage these situations may prove more or less damaging to their organizations. However, not all situations that are described as crises should be labeled as such, and it is important to distinguish real crises from other situations as a first...

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