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Jyothi Manohar

Accounting, Audit, and Consulting Professional, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Jyothi ManoharJyothi Manohar

Jyothi Manohar serves as a director for a CPA and consulting firm in the United States that has international affiliations. She is an accounting, audit, and consulting professional focusing on the community banking industry. Her experience covers US banking regulations, risk management, internal controls, accounting, financial, and regulatory reporting, and audit committee responsibilities. She also has experience writing articles and presenting relevant topics for community bankers at industry conferences and on webcasts. She has assisted in creating staff training material and providing training for staff and senior auditors serving the banking industry.

Articles by this Author

  • Cultural Changes in External Auditing
    by Jyothi Manohar
    This chapter focuses on external audits of financial statements. The objective of an external audit is to conclude that financial statements are, or are not, fairly presented in accordance with appropriate accounting standards. Consequently, a knowledge of accounting is a prerequisite for auditing. An auditor of financial statements must, therefore, have a thorough understanding of the accounting rules and other regulations that impact the...
  • Analyzing a Bank’s Financial Performance
    by Jyothi Manohar
    Individually and collectively, the financial health of banks and the banking system is critical to national and global economies. Central banks or other regulators in various countries monitor financial institutions using rating and evaluation systems that may be unique to those countries. However, there are certain common measures of financial performance and the safety and soundness of a financial institution. No one measure, by itself, is an...

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