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Lawrence Brotzge

Independent Consultant and Angel Investor, USA
Lawrence BrotzgeLawrence Brotzge

Lawrence Brotzge’s business background includes 11 years with Ernst & Young, 10 years as corporate controller and CFO for two major divisions of Providian Corp (a Fortune 500 financial services company), and five years as a founder of a corporate venturing project, which resulted in Providian establishing an entirely new business. Since 1994, Brotzge has been an independent consultant and an angel investor. He has an ownership position in several small/start-up businesses and consults with a number of other companies.

Articles by this Author

  • Sources of Venture Capital
    by Lawrence Brotzge
    There are many sources of venture capital. They include:friends and family; individual angel investors or angel investor groups; early-stage venture capital funds (VCs); expansion-stage and later-stage VC funds; community-based venture funds; these are often run by development agencies, which are usually funded or subsidized by local government funds designed to stimulate business growth. This article answers a number of questions about...

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