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Leif Edvinsson

Adjunct Professor, Lund University, Sweden

Leif Edvinsson is the world’s leading expert on intellectual capital (IC). He has been vice president and the world’s first corporate director of IC at Skandia of Stockholm, Sweden, and has held the world’s first professorship in IC at Lund Universtiy, Sweden, since 2000. In 1996 he received awards from the American Productivity and Quality Center and from Business Intelligence in the United Kingdom for his pioneering work on IC. In light of his work in both training and IC, Professor Edvinsson has been a special adviser on service trade to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is also special adviser to the United Nations International Trade Centre and is a cofounder of the Swedish Coalition of Service Industries.

Articles by this Author

  • Managing Intellectual Capital
    by Leif Edvinsson
    Intellectual capital (IC) is an offspring of the knowledge era. It is still in its formative phase, having first been formally recognized in 1991 when the large Swedish corporation, Skandia, started implementing a comprehensive set of innovative knowledge practices to account for its intangible assets. This pioneering initiative, championed by Jan Carendi and Bjorn Wolrath, resulted in Leif Edvinsson being appointed as the world’s first Director...

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