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Leigh Skene

Director, Lombard Street Associates, UK
Leigh SkeneLeigh Skene

Leigh Skene is an independent economic consultant specializing in financial markets. Previously, he was head of fixedincome trading at investment bank Burns, Fry and Company (now BMO Nesbitt Burns), later becoming chief economist. In 1980 he left Burns, Fry and established himself as an independent economic consultant specializing in financial markets. He has been a director of Lombard Street Associates since 2004. In 2007 Skene wrote three key reports: “The ABC of 21st century risk,” “The sub-prime mortgage fiasco—The start of something big,” and “Credit and credibility,” which pointed out the dangers of the new financial system, warned of the impending credit crunch, and forecast the ensuing financial turmoil.

Articles by this Author

  • A One-in-Fifty-Year Event
    by Leigh Skene
    People have compared recent problems to the 1930s, but they’re considerably smaller. The Great Depression was the biggest economic event in US history. Ameritrust has calculated the deviation from trend for the American economy since 1790. The Great Depression held the economy below trend for 10¾ consecutive years with a maximum deviation of 51% from trend. There is no danger of experiencing anything like the Great Depression in the United...

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