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Leslie L. Kossoff

Executive Adviser, UK and USA
Leslie L. KossoffLeslie L. Kossoff

Leslie L. Kossoff is an internationally renowned executive adviser specializing in next generation thinking and strategy for executives and their enterprises. For over 20 years she has assisted clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50’s across industries and sectors in the United States, Japan, and Europe. Her clients include Fidelity Investments, Sony, TRW, Kraft Foods, Baxter Healthcare, the UK National Health Service, Seiko/Epson, 3M, Infonet and GM/Hughes. A former executive in the aerospace/defense and pharmaceutical industries, Kossoff enjoys an outstanding reputation as an invited speaker at conferences worldwide. She is the author of the Executive Field Guides, the award winning book, Executive Thinking, and more than 100 articles in journals and newspapers, including the Financial Times and CEO Magazine.

Articles by this Author

  • Managing Activist Investors and Fund Managers
    by Leslie L. Kossoff
    Whether or not your organization has been a target in the past for activist investors and fund managers, you have to plan on it becoming a fact of life from now on—things have changed.It used to be that only a few organizations were hit by activist investor activity. From the almost prophetic, and beautifully constructed, Benjamin Graham move on Northern Pipeline in 1951, to Carl Icahn’s dramatic moves on Yahoo! during the “Microhoo”...
  • Financial Reporting: Conveying the Message Down the Line
    by Leslie L. Kossoff
    Of all the functions in an enterprise that cannot, indeed must not, be the province of the function itself is finance. In fact, the more finance is separated from the rest of the organization’s thinking and operations, the greater the risk for the enterprise and its stakeholders.Finance people not only know the numbers behind what’s going on, they also know why those numbers exist. From greasing the wheels to get things done, to putting the...
  • Designing Corporate Systems for Success
    by Leslie L. Kossoff
    In best-of-breed organizations, no matter what industry or sector, the two questions everyone always asks are: “What more?” and “What else?” Then they go there—no matter where “there” is. Because they can. Because they have designed their management and decision-making systems—from personnel and payroll to IT and R&D—to ensure that the organization and everyone in it is set up to succeed.

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