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Contributor Biographies

Malango Mughogho

Programme Manager in Sustainable Business, WWF South Africa, South Africa
Malango MughoghoMalango Mughogho

Malango Mughogho is WWF South Africa’s Programme Manager in Sustainable Business and views business as a critical stakeholder in delivering sustainable development. She manages the organisation’s strategy engagement to reduce the ecological footprint of financial sector activities, particularly in relation to climate change, water and biodiversity impacts in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining, transport and energy. Prior to this, Mughogho worked for more than 10 years in the banking and development finance sectors, with the IFC, the DBSA, ING and Standard Chartered. She holds an MSc in Economics and Finance from Warwick University and is a board member of Africege, a think tank and innovation hub supporting the transition to a new/green economy in east and southern Africa.

Articles by this Author

  • Challenges to growth prove the value of sustainability for corporate Africa
    by Malango Mughogho
    Can we begin by looking at the natural constraints that the South African economy faces?One of the natural constraints on South Africa's development is the availability of water. South Africa is defined as a water-stressed country and has approximately 98% of its water resources already allocated. The straightforward fact that South Africa has to grapple with is that some 50% of all the fresh water available in the country is "created", i.e....

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