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Contributor Biographies

Marc J. Epstein

Research Professor, Rice University, USA

Marc J. Epstein is distinguished research professor of management at Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University, Houston, Texas. He was also recently visiting professor and Wyss visiting scholar at Harvard Business School. Prior to joining Rice, Dr Epstein was a professor at Stanford Business School, Harvard Business School, and INSEAD (European Institute of Business Administration). He has completed extensive academic research and has extensive practical experience in the implementation of corporate strategies and the development of performance metrics for use in these implementations. Dr Epstein has extensive industry experience and has been a senior consultant to leading corporations and governments for over 25 years.

Articles by this Author

  • Improving Corporate Profitability Through Accountability
    by Marc J. Epstein, Priscilla Wisner
    Improved governance requires the right employees, the right culture and values, and the right systems, information, and decision-making. Unfortunately, most organizations are attempting to steer their information-age businesses using industrial-age measurements. Managers have struggled for decades with accounting systems that fail to measure many of the variables that drive long-term value. The historical lagging indicators of performance that...

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