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Marc Quintyn

Division Chief, International Monetary Fund Institute, USA
Marc QuintynMarc Quintyn

Marc Quintyn has been division chief, Africa, at the IMF Institute since 2006, where he teaches macroeconomics and more specialized topics. He has been with the IMF since 1989 and worked most of his career on monetary and financial sector issues in surveillance and program missions, financial sector assessment programs (FSAPs), and technical assistance work. He received his PhD from the University of Ghent, Belgium. Before joining the IMF, he held various positions at the University of Ghent (1979–83), the Research Department, National Bank of Belgium (1984–89), and the University of Limburg, Belgium (1986–89). Dr Quintyn is a published author of numerous books, papers, and articles.

Articles by this Author

  • Principles versus Rules in Financial Supervision—Is There One Superior Approach?
    by Marc Quintyn
    The Challenging Nature of Financial SupervisionTwo things can be stated with certainty about financial sector supervision. First, that few professions have changed so dramatically in recent years, in form, approach, scope, and substance. Second, that the task of supervisors, when compared to several other domains of public policy, has become extremely complex, and that no end is in sight with regard to this process. These fundamental changes are...
  • How Much Independence for Supervisors in Financial Market Regulation?
    by Marc Quintyn
    The concept of independence, and, in particular, political independence is loaded. In a principal–agent relationship, it is associated with (more) power for the agent and a loss of power or grip for the principal. While the notion of an independent central bank is now more or less generally accepted in democratic societies, the broader notion of independent regulatory agencies (IRAs)—agencies that regulate and monitor important parts of social...
  • Rules versus Discretion in Supervisory Interventions in Financial Institutions
    by Marc Quintyn
    Financial supervisors’ main task is to monitor the behavior and actions of the institutions under their area of responsibility. They check compliance with the regulatory framework, and, when necessary, impose sanctions and enforce them. So, in every jurisdiction, a key component of the regulatory and supervisory framework is the nature, timing, and form of intervention by the supervisors in case the health of an individual institution fails. The...

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