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Contributor Biographies

Mark Abkowitz

Professor, Vanderbilt University, USA
Mark AbkowitzMark Abkowitz

Mark Abkowitz is professor of civil and environmental engineering at Vanderbilt University and specializes in managing the risks associated with accidents, intentional acts, and natural disasters. He has a specific interest in the safety and security of hazardous materials, infrastructure adaptation to climate change, and in risk assessment using advanced information technologies. Dr Abkowitz has appeared on National Public Radio, Fox National News, and CNBC, discussing various risk management topics. From 2002 to 2011, he served as a Presidential appointee on the US Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board.

Articles by this Author

  • Managing Operational Risks Using an All-Hazards Approach
    by Mark Abkowitz
    For the purpose of this discussion, Operational Risk Management (ORM) is considered to be the policies, methods, practices, and institutional culture that enable an enterprise to understand, prioritize, and control risks that threaten the well-being of the organization, its business partners, communities in which it operates, and society at large.The cost of poor operational risk management can be excessive, considering that the occurrence of...

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