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Contributor Biographies

Mark Hill

Principal, The Group, London, UK
Mark HillMark Hill

Mark Hill founded The Group in 1991 and, with his team, has built the United Kingdom’s leading agency providing online corporate communications services and consultancy advice. He has provided strategic advice about digital communications to many UK and international companies for 15 years and involving corporate and not-for-profit in industries ranging from conglomerates to financial services, and retail to utilities.

Articles by this Author

  • How the Corporate Website Has Become the Hub for Online Reputation Building
    by Mark Hill
    The Internet is the fastest-growing channel for influencing corporate reputation. It is also, uniquely, where all a company’s different stakeholders and audiences converge. Analysts, communities, customers, employees, investors, journalists, NGOs, regulators, and suppliers all turn up, together, in increasing numbers on the corporate website.So, if reputation is “the net perception of a company’s ability to meet the expectations of all its...

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