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Markus Krebsz

Strategic Management Consultant
Markus KrebszMarkus Krebsz

Markus Krebsz is a strategic management consultant with expert knowledge in the spheres of securitization and rating agencies and nearly two decades of experience in global financial markets. A well-regarded speaker at international conferences and an experienced workshop conductor, he currently acts as credit rating expert to the World Bank as part of various large-scale projects involving government-owned entities of several African nations. Previously, he led the rapid risk solutions team at a major UK banking group. Prior to that he established and managed the firm’s surveillance and performance analytics team, overseeing one of the world’s largest portfolios of structured finance bonds. His latest book, Securitization and Structured Finance Post Credit Crunch (Wiley, 2011), has been hailed as a “rare feat,” “encyclopedic,” “unique,” and “a model of clarity of exposition.”

Articles by this Author

  • Product Taxonomy: A Key Tool for Understanding Risk–Return Within the Banking Framework
    by Markus Krebsz
    What does a callable, daily, dual-currency range accrual with quanto features have in common with a sugar-free, hazelnut-flavored, soya milk decaf cappuccino? The answer is that both are products.Dealing with “products” (whether coffee or financial) requires an understanding of:what their features are;how to determine or measure their value;the type of customers who would be interested in buying them.It is also important to understand and manage...

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