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Moorad Choudhry

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University, UK
Moorad ChoudhryMoorad Choudhry

Professor Moorad Choudhry is at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University. He has over 25 years experience in investment banking in the City of London and began his career at the London Stock Exchange in 1989. Choudhry is Honorary Professor at Kent University Business School, Visiting Teaching Fellow at Birkbeck, Univeristy of London, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment and a Fellow of the IFS-University College. He is Managing Editor of the International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance and author of The Principles of Banking (John Wiley 2012).

Articles by this Author

  • Pricing Framework for Banks’ Internal Funds: A Best-Practice Methodology
    by Moorad Choudhry
    In the immediate aftermath of the 2008 financial market crash, bank regulators moved to implement a stricter regime of supervision, which emphasized inter alia a more controlled approach to banks’ liquidity risk management. Features of the new requirements included:increased self-sufficiency in funding;a more diversified funding base;longer average tenor of liabilities;a “liquidity buffer” of high-quality, low-risk government securities.These...
  • Bank Asset–Liability Management and Liquidity Risk Management
    by Moorad Choudhry
    Risk management in banking is summarized in essence by asset–liability management (ALM). This reflects the nature of the products that banks offer to their customers, and the risk exposures that these products generate. In banks the three main strands of risk exposure are credit risk, interest rate (and foreign exchange) risk, and liquidity risk. ALM practice is concerned with managing these risks. Interest rate risk exists in two strands. The...
  • Investing in Structured Finance Products in the Debt Money Markets
    by Moorad Choudhry
    The application of synthetic securitization and structured finance techniques in debt capital markets has made a range of asset classes available to investors who would not otherwise have access to them. Thus banks, fund managers, and cash-rich corporate institutions can choose from a wide variety of investment options for their funds. This article introduces a sample of money market products that present alternatives for the investment of...

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