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Neil Seitz

Professor, Saint Louis University, USA
Neil SeitzNeil Seitz

Neil Seitz is professor of finance and prior dean at the John Cook School of Business, Saint Louis University. He holds a PhD in finance from Ohio State University (1973) and an MBA from the University of Hawaii (1969). He worked on consulting and executive development programs for AT&T, Barclays, Caterpillar Inc., Citicorp, Household International, and Standard Chartered Bank. He has also done acquisition planning for Telecheck International (1969) and inventory planning and long-range forecasting for the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company (1966– 1968). He has published six books, including two on capital budgeting.

Articles by this Author

  • Managing Capital Budgets for Small and Medium-Sized Companies
    by Neil Seitz
    Capital budgeting irrevocably shapes the direction of a business, and our collective capital budgeting decisions “determine the kind of society that we and our children will live in—not just this year but many years from now as well.”1 Investment of revenue from their oil industry by Gulf countries is “profoundly reshaping global capitalism.”2 Decisions of such magnitude must be made correctly.All corporate finance books, including books by the...

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