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Noël Amenc

Professor, EDHEC Business School, France
Noël AmencNoël Amenc

Noël Amenc is professor of finance and director of research and development at EDHEC Business School, where he heads the Risk and Asset Management Research Centre. He has a masters in economics and a PhD in finance and has conducted active research in the fields of quantitative equity management, portfolio performance analysis, and active asset allocation, resulting in numerous academic and practitioner articles and books. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Alternative Investments and a member of the scientific advisory council of the AMF (the French financial regulatory authority).

Articles by this Author

  • Tripping over Prudence—Ideas for a Sensible Fix for Basel II
    by Samuel Sender, Noel Amenc
    One of the great ironies of the present crisis, given the prevailing consensus that it was too much easy, low-cost credit that caused the US housing bubble, and sent investors off in search of higher returns, is the way the crisis has been exacerbated by undue regulatory prudence. For this, Basel II, as it currently stands, must take some of the blame, as must regulators around the world, who have failed so far to take sensible action to...

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