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Paul Turner

Professor of Management Practice, Birmingham City Business School, UK
Paul TurnerPaul Turner

Paul Turner is professor of management practice at Birmingham City Business School, having held professorial positions in Cambridge and Nottingham. He was president (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) of the Convergys Corporation, group human resources business director of Lloyds TSB, director of BT, and vice president of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. He has published in business journals and has authored or coauthored Workforce Planning (2010), The Admirable Company (2008), Talent (2007), Organisational Communication (2005), and HR Forecasting and Planning (2002).

Articles by this Author

  • Measuring Corporate Reputation: Methodology, Findings, and Practical Implications of the BMAC Surveys
    by Michael Brown, Paul Turner
    The growing interest in the resource-based view of strategy and performance in business (Figure 1) brings with it an increasing emphasis on intangibles, such as knowledge, information, and corporate reputation, and on how to articulate their value and ongoing performance.Twenty years ago a team set out to measure the corporate reputation of British companies.1 The result was an annual Britain’s Most Admired Company (BMAC) survey, which has...

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