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Peter Firestein

Author and Strategic Adviser
Peter FiresteinPeter Firestein

Peter Firestein is author of the book Crisis of Character: Building Corporate Reputation in the Age of Skepticism. He serves as strategic advisor to senior corporate managements in all major world markets, helping them to build market value and sustainability by strengthening support among investors and social stakeholders. He is originator of the “Investor valuation analysis/Open perception study,” a methodology for developing market intelligence that reveals how investors make decisions to buy and sell the shares of a particular company. Firestein also serves as advisor to senior executives and boards on strategies for developing sustainable reputations as well as crisis avoidance and management. He speaks and writes widely on these matters.

Articles by this Author

  • Engaging Your Stakeholders: How To Make Allies of Investors and Activists
    by Peter Firestein
    No company exists without the consent of widely diverse groups of individuals and organizations. These range from customers to investors to social and civic groups—in fact, to the entire society that surrounds the corporation. It is a mistake—sometimes a fatal one—when any company takes the position that it is free to ignore those who have an interest in its financial health or the impact of its operations. But if the company chooses to take...

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