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Peter Howson

Director, AMR International, UK
Peter HowsonPeter Howson

Peter Howson is a director of AMR International, a London-based strategic consultancy that specializes in commercial due diligence. His particular focus is on manufacturing, building, and construction. He has over 20 years of M&A experience, gained both in industry and as an adviser. Previously he worked in corporate finance at Barings, where he focused on domestic and cross-border deals in manufacturing industries. He has also worked for TI Group plc, transforming the company from a UK supplier of mainly commodity engineering products into a global specialist engineering company through a series of acquisitions and disposals. He has also held senior finance and M&A roles with British Steel and T&N.

Articles by this Author

  • Identifying and Minimizing the Strategic Risks from M&A
    by Peter Howson
    M&A is extremely risky. Studies carried out over the last 30 years suggest that the failure rate is above 50% and probably close to 75%. However, by identifying and acting to minimize the strategic risks early on in the process, the rewards can be spectacular.There are four stages in the M&A process:acquisition strategy due diligence negotiation post-acquisition integration.Strategic risks are present in each.Acquisition StrategyM&A is...

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