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Price Pritchett

Founder and CEO, Pritchett LP, USA
Price PritchettPrice Pritchett

Price Pritchett is founder and CEO of Pritchett LP, a Dallas-based consulting firm recognized internationally for its expertise in mergers, culture, and organizational change. Dr Pritchett’s book, After the Merger: Managing the Shockwaves, named one of the 10 best business books of the year, was the first ever written on merger integration strategy. He is also author of the all-time best seller on mergers, The Employee Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions, plus various other titles. More than 20 million copies of his books are in print worldwide, with translations into many foreign languages. Almost all of the Fortune 500 have used some combination of Pritchett LP’s consulting, training, and handbooks.

Articles by this Author

  • Merger Integration and Transition Management: A New Slant for Finance Executives
    by Price Pritchett
    Merger success—defined as value creation—depends heavily on how well conceived the deal was to begin with. But a good outcome is even more dependent on having a well-designed and carefully implemented integration strategy. To put it simply, no deal is a good deal if management can’t make it work. Studies over the past several decades prove, however, that far too often companies lack the ability to design and execute a viable integration plan....

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