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Contributor Biographies

Robert Wreschniok

Managing Director, Emanate, Germany
Robert WreschniokRobert Wreschniok

Robert Wreschniok is managing director at Emanate in Germany. Before that he was business director at Pleon KohtesKlewes, responsible for reputation management and strategic stakeholder dialog. Together with Joachim Klewes, he is coeditor of the management book Reputation Capital: Building and Maintaining Trust in the 21st Century. After completing his MA in international relations at the University of Sussex, he received a certification in strategic foundation management from the University of Basel. He is a board member of the European Centre for Reputation Studies and spokesman of the Private Institute of Foundation Law.

Articles by this Author

  • Smart Use of Reputation Capital: How to Benefit from Different Reputation Investment Strategies
    by Joachim Klewes, Robert Wreschniok
    Today, those responsible for corporate communications are facing tremendous challenges. They are forced to take ever greater risks regarding reputation, and increasingly they are compelled to use more radical methods and messages in the traditional media—above all in advertising communication. This appears to be the only way to catch the attention of consumers and stakeholders.On the other hand, the new social media, digital networks, and blogs...

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