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Rodney Wilson

Director, Durham University, UK
Rodney WilsonRodney Wilson

Rodney Wilson is director of postgraduate studies at Durham University. Formerly visiting professor at the Universities of Kuwait and Paris X, the International University of Japan, and the Qatar Foundation’s Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, he is a world expert on Islamic economics and finance, Middle Eastern political economy, and the political economy of oil and gas. He currently chairs the academic committee of the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance in London and is acting as consultant to the Islamic Financial Services Board with respect to its shariah governance guidelines.

Articles by this Author

  • Islamic Capital Markets: The Role of Sukuk
    by Rodney Wilson
    Islamic capital markets are made up of two components, stock markets and bond markets. This contribution is primarily concerned with the latter rather than shariah-compliant stock determination. In particular it is sukuk that have become the accepted Islamic alternative to conventional bills, bonds, and notes, and hence are the major focus here.Conventional capital market instruments such as treasury bills, bonds, and notes are unacceptable from...

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