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Sheila Dow

Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Stirling, Scotland
Sheila DowSheila Dow

Sheila Dow is emeritus professor of economics at the University of Stirling in Scotland and adjunct professor of economics at the University of Victoria in Canada. Throughout her career she has worked on the theory of money and banking and the history and methodology of economic thought, both informing and informed by her work in public service. Her latest book is Foundations for New Economic Thinking: A Collection of Essays (2012). She is co-convenor of the Scottish Centre for Economic Methodology and coeditor of the World Economic Association’s online journal Economic Thought. Past positions include chair of the International Network for Economic Method and co-chair of the Post-Keynesian Economics Study Group.

Articles by this Author

  • Perspectives on the Global Financial Crisis
    by Sheila Dow
    It would have been reasonable to expect that there would be widespread soul-searching among economists in the light of the financial and economic crisis of 2007–2008. Much of economics in what is now the “mainstream” tradition had promoted the notion that markets would generally produce the outcome that was best for society, and that this included a tendency to correct any deviations from the long-run equilibrium path—i.e., there should be no...

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