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Contributor Biographies

Shireen Smith

Founder, Azrights, UK
Shireen SmithShireen Smith

Shireen Smith founded Azrights in 2005, having worked as an in-house lawyer at media organization Reuters for five years. She has also held positions at Coopers & Lybrand and Eversheds, and she was a part-time in-house counsel for a small IT company for more than seven years. She has over 20 years’ experience as a commercial solicitor and is particularly interested in new technologies, the Internet, and social media. Working closely with Ferreter, an IT business run by her husband Paul, the firm is able to assist clients with the full range of technical expertise required to provide a comprehensive reputation management service to clients.

Articles by this Author

  • Digital Reputation Management
    by Shireen Smith
    The changes happening in the world with the arrival of social media are having a far-reaching impact on the ways we do business, communicate with one another, and engage with our customers. The impact of social media as a communication channel is apparent when we compare it to earlier developments in society (Table 1).Table 1. Growth of media formatsMedium Time taken to reach 50 million users1 Radio 38 years Television 13 years Internet 4...
  • Dealing with Cybersquatters
    by Shireen Smith
    Cybersquatting is to be distinguished from the business of domaining. Domainers legitimately own a large number of domain names. They use them to earn money from advertising which they place on the pages that people visit and by selling the domains later on. This use of domain names is completely legitimate.Cybersquatters will also use domains in similar ways to domainers. The main difference between the two is that cybersquatters do not have...

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