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Stephen Chan

Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies, UK
Stephen ChanStephen Chan

Stephen Chan OBE is professor of world politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where he has twice been dean. A former international civil servant who was deployed in several African “hotspots,” he continues to be involved in high-level diplomatic initiatives and academic production.

Articles by this Author

  • Africa: Still Challenging, But More Progress Beneath the Surface Than Most People Think
    by Stephen Chan
    To those who are not deeply familiar with the continent of Africa, the history of kleptocratic rulers and long-running conflicts tends to perpetuate the myth of the “dark continent” even as tremendous strides are made in a large number of African states. While there is much still to regret and even to despair of in certain countries, one has only to look at the amount of venture capital going into Africa—even into countries that are really...

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