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Stuart Gardner

Auspicium, Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA
Stuart GardnerStuart Gardner

Stuart Gardner has more than 20 years of audit and corporate experience in a variety of sectors and industries, including government, publishing, and financial services. His experience combines audit of numerous largescale construction projects, internal controls and audit reviews, information security, relocation planning, and project risk management. He was director of risk assessment for the McGraw-Hill companies. Gardner is a Chartered Public Finance Accountant (UK government and healthcare), Certified Construction Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Swansea.

Articles by this Author

  • Auditor Sensitivity to Source Reliability
    by Denise Cicchella, Stuart Gardner
    The auditor is always playing catch-up. Both external and internal auditors have to review the work of people who do the same job day-in, day-out and who, if competent, are usually intimately familiar with the processes, systems, and information that are under their control. Looking at the transactions on a historical basis further hampers the certified public accountant, chartered accountant, or other audit professional. These difficulties have...

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