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Sue Newell

Professor, Bentley University, USA
Sue NewellSue Newell

Sue Newell is Cammarata professor of management at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, and a part-time professor of information management at Warwick University in the United Kingdom. She gained her BSc and PhD from Cardiff University and is currently PhD director at Bentley University. Professor Newell’s research focuses on understanding the relationships between innovation, knowledge, and organizational networking (IKON)—primarily from an organizational theory perspective. She was one of the founding members of IKON, a research center based at Warwick University. Newell has published more than 80 journal articles on organizational studies and management and information systems, as well as numerous books and book chapters.

Articles by this Author

  • Business Ethics
    by Sue Newell
    Look in the newspaper on virtually any day of the week and you will find at least one business scandal in which a corporation appears to have violated the rules or standards of behavior generally accepted by society. Company finances have been manipulated in order to show a better balance sheet than actually exists, toxic waste has been allowed to flow into a river, bribes have been paid to secure a business deal, child labor has been used to...

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