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Susi Crawford

Senior Associate, Cifford Chance, UK
Susi CrawfordSusi Crawford

Susi Crawford is a senior associate in Clifford Chance's finance practice. She has worked on a number of projects, project financings, and financings in Europe and the Middle East and specializes in Islamic finance. She advised on the first ever shariah-compliant swap to use the wa’ad structure and continues to advise a number of financial institutions on this structure. In addition to her structured finance practice, she has been the lead associate on a number of significant Islamic finance transactions and continues to work on Islamic finance transactions that use new and innovative structures.

Articles by this Author

  • Introduction to Islamic Financial Risk Management Products
    by Qudeer Latif, Susi Crawford
    To consider the basics of Islamic financial risk management products it is helpful to summarize the Islamic principles and jurisprudence on which Islamic finance is based.Speculation: contracts which involve speculation (maysir) are not permissible (haram) and are considered void. Islamic law does not prohibit general commercial speculation, but it does prohibit speculation which is akin to gambling, i.e. gaining something by chance rather than...

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