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Suzanne White

General Manager, JWZ Solutions, Bahrain
Suzanne WhiteSuzanne White

Suzanne White, FCII, is chief executive officer of JWZ Solutions. Before founding JWZ Solutions, Dr White’s most recent position was at a banking and finance institute in the Gulf, where, in addition to leading the insurance and accounting teaching teams, she was involved in other projects for the Chartered Insurance Institute as a member of the senior management team. A major responsibility and achievement was to establish the CII Academy at the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF). Dr White has over 15 years of consultancy and training experience with educational and corporate entities, and she holds a PhD in educational research.

Articles by this Author

  • Islamic Insurance Markets and the Structure of Takaful
    by Suzanne White
    Insurance plays a vital role in supporting both national and international economic development and growth. Islamic countries are no exception. The main issue for insurers in the Islamic world is that many Islamic scholars view conventional insurance as prohibited by Islam.Muslim scholars are not against the concept of risk mitigation, risk sharing, or risk management, including risk financing, per se. In fact, they support the compensation of...

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