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Thomas McKaig

Founder, Thomas McKaig International, Canada
Thomas McKaigThomas McKaig

Thomas McKaig is a widely recognized Canadian author with 30 years of international business experience in 40+ countries. He delivers quality business solutions to clients in five languages. He owns Thomas McKaig International, Inc., found at He speaks internationally on quality management and international trade, and is an adjunct professor, teaching Global Business Today in the Executive MBA program at the University of Guelph. His most recent book is Global Business Today (3rd ed, 2011). He has served as executive in residence at the University of Tennessee and Universidad de Montevideo, and was worldwide strategic marketing adviser to the United States Treasury Department Bureau of the US Mint’s Gold Eagle Bullion coin program.

Articles by this Author

  • How and When to Use Nonrecourse Financing
    by Thomas McKaig
    When companies are negotiating loans from lenders, there are many clauses that are important points for negotiation over and above the amount of the loan and interest charged. These items can include assignment of the loan (on the part of either the borrower or the lender), future fund advances, and prepayment capability. Another key clause is the nonrecourse clause, under which the lender agrees not to hold the borrower (the company) liable in...
  • Human Risk: How Effective Strategic Risk Management Can Identify Rogues
    by Thomas McKaig
    Best practices in strategic risk management are intended to prevent weaknesses within corporations causing damage or even pulling down the firm. However, effective strategic risk management tools and techniques became harder to implement as business operations grow, become more complex, and operate in multiple locations. The controls that might have once been deemed acceptable in keeping employees within corporations on the same page begin to be...
  • Five Routes to Greater Profitability for Small and Medium Enterprises
    by Thomas McKaig
    Although the routes to profitability discussed in this article are particularly important to the small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), they are broadly applicable to firms of any size. When reviewing these five key steps, ask yourself how many you can implement in your firm—or in your division or team if you work in a larger enterprise.Review the following five points, and see how your business stacks up.

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