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Contributor Biographies

Tim Gordon

Partner, Aon Hewitt, UK

Tim Gordon is a partner at Aon Hewitt and leads the Aon Hewitt longevity modeling team, which provides the mortality analysis and risk advice to support Aon Hewitt’s UK funding and valuation actuarial advice and its longevity risk transfer transaction advice to pension plans and their sponsors, as well as to reinsurers of longevity risk. He developed and implemented Aon Hewitt’s postcode and stochastic projections longevity models. He is currently chairman of the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) of the UK actuarial profession, the body responsible for producing standard actuarial mortality tables and projections in the country.

Articles by this Author

  • Obstacles to the Further Development of the Longevity Swaps Market for Pension Funds
    by Martin Bird, Tim Gordon
    The combined liabilities of occupational pension plans in the United Kingdom are around £1 trillion. These liabilities are predominantly defined-benefit, consisting of immediate and deferred annuities, and therefore the majority of the benefit payments depend on the longevity of the beneficiaries. Given that these pension plans are materially exposed to longevity risk—i.e. the risk that their beneficiaries may live longer than expected—and the...

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