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Tim Johnson

Director, Regester Larkin, UK
Tim JohnsonTim Johnson

Tim Johnson is chief operating officer of Regester Larkin and oversees its international operations. He advises FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and high-profile public organizations on how to earn, maintain, and expand their licenses to operate. Risk management and organizational resilience is Tim’s specific area of expertise. He advises clients on the procedural, behavioral, cultural, leadership, and communication aspects of crisis preparedness and reputation management. He has supported clients facing allegations of fraud and senior management malpractice, industrial accidents leading to multiple fatalities, high-profile litigation, sensitive asset divestments, controversial market withdrawals, organizational restructuring, and supply chain failures.

Articles by this Author

  • Fraud: Minimizing the Impact on Corporate Image
    by Tim Johnson
    The threat of fraud is faced by all organizations regardless of their size or sector. From the perspective of reputation management, controlling the impact of fraud is particularly challenging for two reasons:That an organization has become a victim of fraud suggests either that someone in the organization is corrupt, or that the organization and its compliance systems are vulnerable. Neither possibility inspires confidence. The word “fraud” has...

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