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Tom Coyne

Chief Investment Strategist, Index Investor, USA
Tom CoyneTom Coyne

Tom Coyne has been a chief investment strategist at the Index Investor since 2000. He received a BS in economics from Georgetown University and MBA from Harvard University. He began his career at Chase Manhattan Bank in South America, and for many years specialized in turnaround and growth consulting at the MAC Group in London and Bristol Partners in San Francisco. He has also been both the CFO and CEO of a publicly traded environmental technology company in Canada.

Articles by this Author

  • Asset Allocation Methodologies
    by Tom Coyne
    Everyone has financial goals they want to achieve, whether it is accumulating a target amount of money before retirement, ensuring that a pension fund can provide promised incomes to retirees, or, in a different context, achieving an increase in corporate cash flow. Inevitably, we do not have unlimited resources available to achieve these goals. We often face not only financial constraints, but also shortages of information, time, and cognitive...

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