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Vishal Vedi

Partner, Deloitte, UK
Vishal VediVishal Vedi

Vishal Vedi is a partner in Deloitte’s financial services advisory practice in London. His key responsibilities include Basel II advisory services, financial risk advisory services, capital management, and banking regulation. He is Deloitte’s EMEA lead for risk and capital management. He has conducted a variety of engagements for major financial institutions globally and has extensive experience of dealing with complex risk and regulatory issues. Vedi has spent over two years on secondment to the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority in its banking policy unit and is a frequent presenter on risk and capital issues.

Articles by this Author

  • Revising Basel II—But at What Cost?
    by Vishal Vedi
    Pro-cyclicality and Its IssuesThe future regulation of banking is currently a major area of focus for supervisors and policy-makers, in particular, with the G20 recently committing to strengthening how banks are regulated. There seems to be consensus among stakeholders that additional capital, of the right quality, is required in the system. There is also concern that the existing Basel II requirements are too pro-cyclical to continue to act as...

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