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Volker Nienhaus

Consultant to Islamic Finance Services Board
Volker NienhausVolker Nienhaus

Volker Nienhaus was professor of economics at the German universities of Trier and Bochum (1989–2004) and president of the University of Marburg (2004–2010). An expert on islamic economics and finance, he is a consultant to the Islamic Finance Services Board (IFSB).

Articles by this Author

  • The Case for Separation of Islamic Banks’ Transaction and Investment Functions
    by Volker Nienhaus
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.During the recent global economic crisis, some argued that the financial industry would have been significantly more stable and resilient if all its institutions had followed the principles and laws governing Islamic banking.A case can certainly be made that there are strong prudential advantages in a system which prohibits riba (interest), gharar (uncertainty), and maysir (gambling), as well...

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