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Zee de Gersigny

Managing Director, Momentum Africa Investments LLC, US
Zee de GersignyZee de Gersigny

Zee de Gersigny is managing director of Momentum Africa Investments LLC, the New York-based subsidiary of Momentum Global Investment Management. She jointly leads Momentum’s Africa investment initiative, creating African investment solutions for the global institutional market. Prior to that she was chief investment officer at Momentum Investment Consulting in South Africa. de Gersigny is a South African and has been with the Momentum group for five years. She has garnered performance awards for the funds she has managed, including the prestigious Raging Bull Award in 2010. She is a CFA charterholder and has an executive MBA from the University of Cape Town Business School, as well as a BBusSc in finance.

Articles by this Author

  • Africa’s Emerging Bond and Real Asset Markets
    by David Lashbrook, Zee de Gersigny
    Africa is hugely complex for European and US investors to get to grips with. However, although the continent consists of 56 very different and poorly integrated countries, it has some obvious themes and advantages compared to developed markets.First and foremost, Africa has one of the best demographics in terms of the ratio of young to old of any continent. More than 50% of the population is under the age of 25. Africa also has the world’s...

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