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The canon of finance literature is vast, with hundreds more publications emerging every year. This section distills the main lessons from most influential finance books both past and present, from the cornerstones to the most popular reads. Each summary includes a concise overview and analysis of the book's most distinctive contributions to management thinking and practice, along with bibliographic information for the featured title and related works by the author.

  • Governance and Risk: An Analytical Handbook for Investors, Managers, Directors, and Stakeholders
    George Dallas (ed) (2004)
    A team of expert authors offer a global overview on corporate governance trends, and how integral risk has become for any organization. Shows how to assess the complex issues of governance and risk management that have been highlighted by scandals and corporate collapses, and the increasing need for a rigorous governance system. Examines the key aspects of corporate governance and risk practices, and links them to practical performance steps...
  • The Functions of the Executive
    Chester I. Barnard (1938)
    Creates a complete (and moral) management theory that still has a great deal of relevance to modern management principles. Highlights the importance of communication, and argues that everyone in the organization needs to know what and where the communications channels are. Defines a business as a cooperative system where all groups in the system have to be satisfied.  

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