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Corporate Governance Key Concepts

Key Concepts

Key Concepts provide you with definitions of buzzwords appearing in the media to ensure that you are up to speed with the current finance conversation. Produced in snapshot, glossary form, Key Concepts direct you to additional material to increase your knowledge and satisfy your interest.

  • Codes of Conduct
    The global financial crisis has sparked renewed interest in codes of conduct that are intended to curb the excesses that arguably led to the crisis. There are increasing calls for these codes to be mandatory, for the rules to be tightened, and for independent supervision. Concern has focused on the large bonuses that investment bankers received and which, it is argued, led to excessive risk taking. The financial sector in countries around the...
  • Governance
    Governance is associated with decision making, either at the public or private level.At the public level, a nation or state in a democracy is headed by a democratically elected government organized in ministries or departments. At a private level, either in profit or non-profit making organizations, the governance of a business or charity refers to a set of rules by which the business is organized and conducted either for profit making or for...

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