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Lithuania - Economy

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Financial Outlook

In its country report on Lithuania in September 2013 the IMF said that the economy was expanding at a healthy pace, with the macroeconomic adjustment made by the country since the 2008 crash finally starting to pay real dividends. GDP growth in 2013 was expected to be around 3.5%, with exports and private consumption both doing well. Investment and credit growth have also started to recover from their historic lows, the IMF noted. Inflation is expected to be no more than 1.25% through 2013 and into 2014, and GDP growth through 2014 is expected to match that achieved in 2013. Falling energy prices held inflation steady through the third quarter of 2013, and as their impact works its way out of the system the IMF expects inflation to rise to around 2.5% through 2014. The fiscal deficit is expected to creep up to around 2.9% for 2013/14, with public debt peaking at around 40% of GDP.

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