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acquisition integration

Mergers & Acquisitions

merging of new company into existing company the process by which a company plans for and implements a successful integration of a newly acquired company

Recommended Further Reading (Term count)
  • Target Practice—Acquisitions
    by Sir John Stuttard
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.Acquisitions, we know from experience, take years to bed down. When the bombshell hits, they take up significant executive time as the managers of the acquirer determine new management structures and managerial positions, as well as combining business practices and systems.For the managers of the acquired, there is an inevitable feeling that one is no longer in control—and certainly no longer...
  • Acquisition Integration: How to Do It Successfully
    by David Sadtler
    Acquisitions of any size are a major undertaking for both the acquirer and the target. Substantial returns—in particular returns in excess of the cost of capital employed in the entire initiative—are required not only to create stockholder value, but also to justify the enormous investment of managerial time and effort that goes into a takeover. Many acquisitions succeed. Indeed, many corporate acquirers do a large number of deals and become...
  • Identifying and Minimizing the Strategic Risks from M&A
    by Peter Howson
    M&A is extremely risky. Studies carried out over the last 30 years suggest that the failure rate is above 50% and probably close to 75%. However, by identifying and acting to minimize the strategic risks early on in the process, the rewards can be spectacular.There are four stages in the M&A process:acquisition strategy due diligence negotiation post-acquisition integration.Strategic risks are present in each.Acquisition StrategyM&A is...

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