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audit committee


committee monitoring firm's finances a committee of a company's board of directors, from which the company's executives are excluded, that monitors the company's finances

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  • Internal Auditing and Doing Business in Foreign Countries
    As companies increasingly expand abroad, chief audit executives face a host of new and unexpected challenges. Operating abroad in unfamiliar political environments exposes businesses to new types of risks and complexities, which can threaten business performance. These risks can range from differences in regulatory and compliance practices to those that violate domestic law, such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977, as well as political...
  • How Internal Auditing Can Help with a Company’s Fraud Issues
    by Gail Harden
    Regulatory oversight is increasing, as are penalties. A passive attitude in an organization toward oversight and the topic of fraud, antifraud programs, and controls would be a strong indicator of a significant deficiency in its system of internal controls.Economic factors can increase the occurrence of fraudulent practices. When the economy is in a downturn the risk of fraud increases due to personal financial pressures, the stagnation of...
  • Engaging Senior Management in Internal Control
    by Philip Ratcliffe
    Top managers in any organization have many calls on their time and attention. Vying for their attention will be customers, suppliers, employees, consultants, and many others. Internal controls can easily be squeezed out of their agenda. The problem this can create is that if senior management does not take control seriously, the “tone from the top” will be wrong—and if the people in charge don’t care, then why should anyone else in the...
  • Internal Audit Planning: How Can We Do It Better?
    by Michael Parkinson
    Internal audit is an information service. Internal auditors do not—indeed, must not—make decisions for the managers of organizations. They are a highly skilled and expensive resource that exists to serve the best interest of the organization and yet, on the surface, they do not directly contribute to organizational performance. They examine processes and produce reports; they attempt to capture good practice and identify poor; and they design...

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