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Definition of

capital asset


real estate owned but not traded real estate that a company owns and uses but that the company does not buy or sell as part of its regular trade

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  • Distinguishing between a Capital and an Operating Lease
    Determining whether a lease obligation is an operating or capital lease, for financial reporting purposes, requires that it be evaluated on the basis of four criteria established by the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board). The criteria are objective rules for making a judgment about who, the lessor or the lessee, bears the risks and benefits of ownership of the leased property.If a lease is determined to be a capital lease, an asset and...
  • Intellectual Capital
    by Thomas A. Stewart
    Intellectual capital is just that: a capital asset consisting of intellectual material. To be considered intellectual capital, knowledge must be an asset able to be used to create wealth. Thus, intellectual capital includes the talents and skills of individuals and groups; technological and social networks and the software and culture that connect them; and intellectual property such as patents, copyrights, methods, procedures, archives, etc. It...
  • Understanding and Calculating RORAC, RAROC, and RARORAC
    This checklist explains the differences between RORAC, RAROC, and RARORAC, and describes how to calculate and use them.
  • Depreciation
    Depreciation is a basic expense of doing business, reducing a company’s earnings while increasing its cash flow. It affects three key financial statements: balance sheet; cash flow; and income (or profit and loss). It is based on two key facts: the purchase price of the items or property in question, and their “useful life.”Depreciation values and practices are governed by the tax laws of both national governments, and state or provincial...

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