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capital base


funding structure as basis of firm's worth the funding structure of a company (stockholders' equity plus loans and retained profits) used as a way of assessing the company's worth

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    Entrepreneurs may require both debt and equity financing, and often start their firms by financing growth through equity. Equity capital is money invested in the venture with no legal obligation on the entrepreneur to repay the principal amount or to pay interest on it; however, it requires sharing the ownership and profits with the funding source, and possibly also paying dividends to equity investors.After value has been built, entrepreneurs...
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  • Allocating Corporate Capital Fairly
    by John L. Mariotti
    The appetite of organizations for capital is insatiable. Understanding the nature of capital and its effective allocation is essential to organizational success. Classical economics defines land, labor, and capital as the determinants of wealth, each being exclusive to its owner. Now there is a fourth determinant of wealth—information—and it is nonexclusive. The more information is shared, the more valuable it becomes. Business is a competition...
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