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Definition of

competitive forces


external factors forcing organization to become more competitive the external business and economic factors that compel an organization to improve its competitiveness

Recommended Further Reading (Term count)
  • Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors
    Michael E. Porter (1980)
    A hugely popular book that is taught in most business schools, and read by those interested in business success. It put strategic innovation at the forefront of management thinking, and proposes a solution to the eternal strategy dilemma. Shows how companies with a clear strategy outperform those whose strategies are unclear, or those that attempt to achieve both differentiation and cost leadership.
  • Michael Eugene Porter
    Leading authority on competitive strategy
    Michael Porter is a university professor at Harvard Business School, and an influential thinker on management strategy and economics. His ideas on strategy have become the basis for the required strategy course at the Harvard Business School, and his work is taught in virtually every business school around the world. He also created and chairs Harvard’s program for newly appointed CEOs, and he is a leading authority on the competitiveness and...
  • Aligning Structure with Strategy: Recalibrating for Improved Performance and Increased Profitability
    by R. Brayton Bowen
    Phlebotomy—the ancient practice of bloodletting—seemed logical when medical science centered on the belief that four humors made up the human body: yellow bile, black bile, phlegm, and blood. It was thought at the time that an ailing person could be brought to good health by vomiting, purging, starving, and bloodletting. Unfortunately, in the latter instance, any number of the sick bled to death! By today’s medical standards, the practice is...
  • Principles versus Rules in Financial Supervision—Is There One Superior Approach?
    by Marc Quintyn
    The Challenging Nature of Financial SupervisionTwo things can be stated with certainty about financial sector supervision. First, that few professions have changed so dramatically in recent years, in form, approach, scope, and substance. Second, that the task of supervisors, when compared to several other domains of public policy, has become extremely complex, and that no end is in sight with regard to this process. These fundamental changes are...

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