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Definition of

conversion price

  • 1. Currency & Exchange

    exchange rate for currency the price at which a currency is changed into a foreign currency.

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  • 2. Stockholding & Investments

    price offered for converting preferred stock the price at which preferred stock is converted into common stock

Recommended Further Reading (Term count)
  • Conversion Price
    The price per share at which the holder of convertible bonds, or debentures, or preferred stock, can convert them into shares of common stock.Depending on specific terms, the conversion price may be set when the convertible asset is issued.
  • Conversion Ratio
    The number of shares of common stock an investor will receive on converting a convertible security—a bond, debenture, or preferred stock.The conversion price may be set when the convertible security is issued, depending on its terms.
  • Convertible Preferred Stock
    Evaluating convertible preferred stock is principally an analysis of risk rather than of a company. Preferred stocks are listed as equity on a balance sheet, but they perform more like bonds than common stock since most of these issues pay a fixed dividend set at the time of issue. While holders of preferred stock are entitled to a fixed dividend, they do not usually have voting rights. Preferred stocks are usually repayable at par value, and...
  • Private Investments in Public Equity
    by William K. Sjostrom, Jr
    PIPE transactions are highly negotiable; hence, there is a fair amount of variation from deal to deal with respect to the attributes of the PIPE securities. PIPE securities may consist of common stock or securities convertible into common stock, such as convertible preferred stock or convertible notes, and may be coupled with common stock warrants.Regardless of the type of securities involved, PIPE deals are categorized as either traditional or...

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