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Definition of

financial control

Treasury Management

management of firm's finances the policies and procedures established by an organization for managing, documenting, and reporting its financial transactions

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  • Cultural Alignment and Risk Management: Developing the Right Culture
    by R. Brayton Bowen
    The goal was to beat Microsoft at its own game. After rebuffing a takeover attempt by the giant corporation, Novell Nouveau went on an acquisition binge of its own. The strategy was to acquire a premier word-processing company that could rival Microsoft, and Microsoft’s “Microsoft Word” in particular. So, in 1994, Raymond Noorda, CEO for the then second-largest software company, acquired WordPerfect Corp. for US$1.4 billion in stock. Novell was...
  • Best Practices in Risk-Based Internal Auditing
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    In designing risk-based auditing and monitoring activities, it is important that the internal auditor works closely with the organization’s senior leadership and the board, or committee of the board, to gain a clear understanding of auditing and monitoring expectations and how these activities can be leveraged together to help minimize and mitigate risks for the organization. These discussions should also include leadership from the legal,...
  • Management Accounts: How to Use Them to Control Your Business
    Tony Skone (1995)
    Explains management accounts in an easily understandable style, especially for managers needing to make strategic decisions regarding their business. The emphasis throughout the book is on applying the information. Explains the jargon, identifies both what is important and what is irrelevant, and advises on what accounts information you should be receiving.
  • Acquisition Integration: How to Do It Successfully
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    Acquisitions of any size are a major undertaking for both the acquirer and the target. Substantial returns—in particular returns in excess of the cost of capital employed in the entire initiative—are required not only to create stockholder value, but also to justify the enormous investment of managerial time and effort that goes into a takeover. Many acquisitions succeed. Indeed, many corporate acquirers do a large number of deals and become...

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