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Definition of

insider trading


trading stock using secret information profitable, usually illegal, trading in securities carried out using information not available to the public.

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  • Investing in a Volatile Environment: A Black Swan Perspective
    by Javier Estrada
    Javier Estrada, who is Professor of Financial Management at Barcelona-based IESE Business School, was a tennis coach in his native Argentina before moving to live and work in Spain in 1993. He set the cat among the pigeons in global investment circles with his ground-breaking research, “Black swans and market timing: How not to generate alpha,” which conclusively revealed that investors who seek to time the market are unlikely to reap rewards....
  • Inefficient Markets: An Introduction to Behavioral Finance
    Andrei Shleifer (2000)
    Provides a broad introduction to the current opportunities and challenges in behavioral finance, the study of how people make decisions under financial uncertainty. Useful for those responsible for managing money or involved in trading in the financial markets. Presents a model of investor sentiment regarding individual decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.
  • Default Position
    by Aaron Brown
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.Few CEOs or heads of government demonstrate wisdom and courage when investors start buying naked credit default swap (CDS) protection against their company’s or country’s default. They are likely to complain that it is “like buying fire insurance on a neighbor’s house.”Actually it’s not like buying insurance, which is bought on physical assets. Hedging is done against the mismanagement of...

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