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Definition of

investment manager

Stockholding & Investments

manager of investments of mutual fund somebody who manages the investments of a mutual fund or large financial institution.

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  • Asset Liability Management for Pension Funds
    by Ruud Kleynen
    The management of a pension fund has to make decisions about its strategic asset allocation, its contributions policy, and its indexing policy in a context of acceptable financial risk. It has to meet the return requirements necessary to improve benefit payments on the one hand, and to stay in line with the solvency requirements of the regulator on the other. But what is an acceptable contributions and indexing policy, and how is an acceptable...
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Solvency II
    by Andy Davies
    There is a great deal that the insurance sector has to come to terms with as it addresses the implications of Solvency II. There are broad general questions such as: What does it all mean? How will it be achieved and its requirements met? How much will it cost both from a capital and a monetary perspective? What resources are required? Then there is the related issue of how the International Financial Reporting Standards will fit with Solvency...
  • Sukuk Issuance and Issues in Purchase Undertakings
    by Barry Cosgrave
    As is the case with most Islamic finance instruments, the typical approach to sukuk is to take the equivalent instrument in conventional finance and to attempt to replicate it in a way that is shariah-compliant. In the case of sukuk, consideration is given to the important commercial features (such as rate of periodic return, return at maturity, and financial covenants), together with key legal considerations (such as transaction risk...
  • Money Managers
    by David Pitt-Watson
    Money managers (also known as fund managers or investment managers) manage money on behalf of other people. In most Western countries more than half the population will, directly or indirectly, have a money manager working for them. The managers find suitable investments, and are usually given the discretion by clients to make investments on their behalf.It is usually the client who owns the investment and takes the risk that it will do well or...

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