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Definition of

monetary policy


government policy regarding money and currency government economic policy concerning a country's rate of interest, its exchange rate, and the amount of money in the economy

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  • China and the Global Financial Crisis
    by Linda Yueh
    Dr Linda Yueh is an economist and commentator on global economic and business issues. She is a fellow in economics at the University of Oxford, a visiting professor at the London Business School, and an associate of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Previously, she worked as a corporate lawyer internationally, based in New York, Hong Kong and Beijing. Recent books include Macroeconomics...
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  • Mixflation
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    Previous eras—viewed through the simplifying lens of history—seem often to fall into periods of inflation and deflation: the great falling-price boom of the 1880s; The deflationary slump of the 1930s; the inflationary 1970s. But modern times are more mixed. Over much of the last 10 years, manufactured goods prices have fallen while commodity prices soared. During 2008, this bifurcation seemed to briefly give way to a more generalized inflation,...
  • Reserve Ratio
    In the United Kingdom and in certain European countries there is no compulsory ratio, although banks will have their own internal measures and targets to be able to repay customer deposits as they forecast they will be required. In the United States the policy is more prescriptive, and specified percentages of deposits—specified by the Federal Reserve Board—must be kept by banks in a noninterest-bearing account at one of the 12 Federal Reserve...

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